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Welcome to the future of freight forwarding and customs CDS software. Our SaaS solutions are designed to be intuitive and visually logical, with efficiency of process at the very heart of the systems. This will enable your people to work better and provide improved experience for your customers.

All our software is designed to operate either as stand-alone modules or work together seamlessly. Our completely cloud based solution requires no on-site IT infrastructure. It requires minimal implementation and training. Business-friendly technology that puts you in control.

Forwarding Digital provides unrivalled workflow management and communication functionality integrated into its systems. Manage all your communication in one place, linked to the jobs you are performing. Tasks and productivity are easily viewed, tracked and managed.
Your customers will have their own web-based portal:

Forwarding software reimagined

Forwarding Digital’s freight software covers all modes of transport and integrates automatically with accounts packages. It helps freight forwarders provide and unrivalled experience to their customers whilst improving efficiency to the user undertaking the work.

The system allows you to track shipments in real time, using its unique AI interface. It promotes teamworking by bringing communication into the software. Errors are reduced through Forward Digital inbuild data entry validation checks.

Users can create customised dashboards and alerts so no actions are missed. All interactions are designed to be intuitive and visual so minimal training is required.

Customs software reimagined

Forwarding Digital’s CDS customs software can be used as a stand-alone customs product or fully integrated into the forwarding module to further improve efficiency. Alternatively, it can easily be integrated with your existing infrastructure through our APIs. Our CDS customs software offers a complete solution and connects with all UK CSPs.

Smart CDS is an express customs entry that allows you to use and save templates for common entries, which significantly reduces the time required to complete an entry.

The technical stuff

Forwarding Digital is fully cloud based and requires no onsite infrastructure. This means there are no additional costs for running the system, as it operates out of any browser on any device.

Key features include:

  • Plug and Play setup
  • Configurable workflow engine
  • Configurable permissions system
  • Resilient MultiCloud Microservices and Event Based Architecture
  • Elastic Search throughout
  • Built with Angular
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