Forwarding Digital

CDS Software

Customs software reimagined

Forwarding Digital’s CDS customs software can be used as a stand-alone customs product or fully integrated into the forwarding module to further improve efficiency. Alternatively, it can easily be integrated with your existing infrastructure through our APIs. Our CDS customs software offers a complete solution and connects with all UK CSPs.
Smart CDS is an express customs entry that allows you to use and save templates for common entries, which significantly reduces the time required to complete an entry.

Key features include:

  • In built CDS software compatible with all primary CSP’s (MCP, CNS and CCS UK)
  • Smart CDS customs entry – drastically shortens the time taken to complete an entry
  • Powerful data search – search for CPCs, Commodity codes, document codes used previously
  • GVMS integration – create and associate entries and create GMRS
  • NCTS integration