Forwarding Digital

Forwarding Digital

Forwarding software reimagined

Forwarding Digital’s freight software covers all modes of transport and integrates automatically with accounts packages. It helps freight forwarders provide and unrivalled experience to their customers whilst improving efficiency to the user undertaking the work.
The system allows you to track shipments in real time, using its unique AI interface. It promotes teamworking by bringing communication into the software. Errors are reduced through Forward Digital inbuild data entry validation checks.
Users can create customised dashboards and alerts so no actions are missed. All interactions are designed to be intuitive and visual so minimal training is required.

Key features include:

  • Multi modal
  • Industry leading support
  • Global routing
  • Groupage management
  • Document generation
  • Custom workflow engines per mode / direction
  • Custom workflow actions
  • Calculated tracking
  • Live carrier integrated tracking
  • Partner CO2 calculations
  • AEO conformance and audit functionality