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Our commitment to trust

Providing a secure platform for our customers is fundamental to Forwarding Digital’s mission. It’s one of many reasons why our customers trust Forwarding Digital with their data.

Protecting your data is our first priority

Protecting our customers’ data is the cornerstone of our security and privacy program. It is ingrained in how we design our products, the operational security practices we put in place, the layers of protection we provide, and the key certifications and attestations that we meet. Read below to learn more about how we protect your data.

Cloud datacenter security

Forwarding Digital’s production infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services as our primary Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider. In addition to AWS’s extensive list of security and privacy certifications, Forwarding Digital also implements and attests to its own set of policies and practices to secure your data.

Compute security

Forwarding Digital services run primarily as Kubernetes-controlled containers. Forwarding

Digital’s policies and standards also govern the management of our container infrastructure.

Data security

Data is encrypted both at rest and in transit using the industry-leading encryption standards. Forwarding Digital employs a top-tier Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution to monitor protected information. The Forwarding Digital platform also provides additional controls, such as governance capabilities, to further protect our customers’ users and their data.

Endpoint security

All corporate desktops and laptops are managed with enterprise device management and endpoint protection software.

Business continuity and disaster recovery

Forwarding Digital maintains a Business Continuity Policy, which mandates that the Business Continuity Plan (BCP), testing, and procedures are updated and performed at least annually.

Security software development lifecycle standard

The Forwarding Digital Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) standard incorporates security practices throughout our platform’s planning, development, and release processes.

Vulnerability prevention

Forwarding Digital follows OWASP guidelines in our Security Development Lifecycle. Forwarding Digital’s SDLC is audited by an independent third party and is attested to in our SOC 2 Type II report.

Bug bounty program

Forwarding Digital employs a private bug bounty program that enables a large pool of security researchers to test our platform on a continuous basis.

Penetration testing

Forwarding Digital contracts with industry-leading penetration testing providers to examine our production architecture at least once a year through more scoped, formal probing.

Single sign-on (SSO)

When a user connects to Forwarding Digital, they use a web browser over an enforced Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 or higher connection. The Forwarding Digital platform supports federated access via SAML 2.0 in order to provide SSO by any number of Identity Providers (IdP).

Personnel security

Security starts with the people Forwarding Digital employs. We implement security controls for employees and contractors before, during, and after their tenure at Forwarding Digital. These controls include security and privacy training and automated deprovisioning of both logical and physical access to Forwarding Digital resources.

Data privacy

Privacy is critical to our customers and we take it seriously. Forwarding Digital does not sell, share, or export your data to third parties we gather from the use of our platform for our own purposes. We only provide data to our sub-processors in support of processing of your data as set forth in your customer agreement.

Privacy & safety features

Our product offers the ability to configure the product to your operational needs including granular governance controls.

Data recovery

We regularly back up your data and provide a maximum 24-hour RTO and RPO.

Data deletion

Customers can delete users, emails, and other associated prospect data directly from our Compliance Request service within the platform. If customers want to terminate their relationship with Forwarding Digital, all their data will be removed from our systems within 60 days.

Data retention

We enforce company policies for retention of Forwarding Digital Voice recordings with flexible configurations based on the length of times recordings should be stored prior to deletion.

EU datacenter

We support customers with organizational requirements around data residency, with EU citizen data to reside in the EU, starting with Forwarding Digital Engage.


Forwarding Digital undergoes independent third-party audits to attest and certify Forwarding Digital’s security, data privacy and compliance controls to help meet customers’ legal, regulatory and organizational policy requirements at scale.

Customers can also reach out to their Forwarding Digital sales contact for any questions.